About Us


Founded in 2013, FlawlessDrips is a family owned and operated jewelry business based out of Las Vegas, NV. Although the family behind FlawlessDrip has been in business since 2013, we have carried on the tradition of keeping all custom jewelry work in-house with multiple manufacturing facilities and retail locations. We’re involved in every part of the creation process — from start to finish.

We understand the difficulties that come with purchasing custom-made jewelry. While it’s already hard to find someone you can trust, finding someone who understands your artistic vision is often harder. At FlawlessDrips, we are fully equipped with the knowledge and passion necessary for ensuring a seamless transition from fantasy to reality — bring life and remarkable accuracy to your imagination.

We strive to provide our clients with exceptional quality of work through the highest quality materials and meticulously handcrafted FlawlessDrips pieces. Our production time is by far one of the fastest in the industry and we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain superior craftsmanship with incredibly efficient turnover.

As the world of fine jewelry evolves, investing in simple, costly pieces has become a thing of the past. Tradition is no longer the standard and the adventurous spirit of creation is striving to break free. Wear FlawlessDrips jewelry with pride and allow it to reflect your individuality, creativity, and identity. Empower yourself with custom pieces — expertly crafted by passionate artists — and learn what it means to fuse timelessness, beauty, relevance, and wearability into every piece.