Sterling Silver Hamsa Necklace

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Sterling Silver Hamsa Necklace - Evil Eye Necklace - Hamsa Pendant - Necklace - Hamsa Hand Charm Layered Necklace

Protect those close to you with a Hamsa pendant. The Hamsa is a widely recognized symbol representing cultures of both religious and pagan backgrounds. Also referred to as 'Chamsa' and 'Khamsa', they are all pronounced the same. Traditions claim the Hamsa to be the mystical hand of the ancient pagan goddess. Legends indicate the Hamsa contained power to protect her people from all harm, and those who bear this device would be safe from evil itself.

Item Description (Pendant):
HEIGHT: 2.5''
WIDTH: 1''
MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver
STONE TYPE: Cubic Zirconia

Item Description (3mm Rope Chain):
Length: Varies
Material: Stainless Steel